Texas de Brazil Coupons on the Internet in 2016

Texas de Brazil coupons offer special prices when you dine at the signature restaurant of one of America's latest dining trends: the Brazilian steak house. Called "churrascaria", Brazilian steakhouses have sprung up in most big cities in the United States in the past few year. The Brazilian dining experience is like no other, because you'll be meats slow-cooked over a flaming grill and served by a special meat carver who carries a selection of meat around to each table. The presentation is just as important as the savory tastes of the many meats.

Texas de Brazil Coupons 2016You might be having a hard time picturing what a meal is like at Texas de Brazil, so let me go over the routine from start to finish. Once you're seated, you'll fill a plate with vegetables, sauces, spices, and salads from a buffet selection of 50 to 60 different types of food. The buffet is mostly cold foods, though, because the fresh-cooked meat is brought around by a series of meat carvers. The first time I ate at one of these places, I looked at the buffet spread and first thought, "Wow, they don't serve much meat at these places." How wrong was I, because then a steady stream of slow-cooked meat cuts were mine to choose from. When you no longer want any more meat, you just flip your service tag to red and the meat carvers leave you and yours alone.

The meat cuts offered include filet mignon, flank steak, chicken breast, Parmesan chicken, leg of lamb (pata de cordeiro), beef ribs, pork ribs, pork loin, picahna (prime sirloin), linguica (sausage Brazilian-style), and lamb chops, also known as chuleta de cordeiro. Several of these meats are served both by themselves and in bacon-wrapped versions. I also should mention the Beijos Lounge at Texas de Brazil, a wet bar with a happy hour from 5pm to 7pm every evening. Any good Churrascaria is going to have plenty of wines, beers, and spirits on-hand and Texas de Brazil is no different.

Free Texas de Brazil Coupons

When you sign up online for email notifications of the latest Texas de Brazil deals and promotions, you'll get one of the nicest welcome discounts in the restaurant business. Not only do you get a free complimentary dinner for your birthday, but you get another free complimentary dinner for your anniversary. That's two free meals for signing up once. In either case, the free coupon specifies you get the freebie meal when you purchase another full price dinner, but anyone eating at Texas de Brazil for their birthday or anniversary is going to have company. This bargain has a 72% success rate at a prominent online coupon printing website. Since human error is going to cause a certain amount of the bad feedback, that's a coupon with a high reliable rating.

2016 Texas de Brazil Discount

Another deal that's in effect in late 2011 is the Texas de Brazil eclub discount. When you sign up with the Texas deBrazil e-club, you get a 25% discount on your next meal purchase at Churrascaria restaurant. While this isn't a coupon, the discount has a 68% success rate on another prominent discount coupons site, so it's got a lot of good feedback.

Texas de Brazil Gift Card Bonus

Another non-coupon offer that saves you money is the Texas de Brazil online gift card bonus. If you know you're going to eat at Texas de Brazil and you have a group of 4 or more who are going to spend at least $70 eating there, it pays to buy a $60 gift card online. When you purchase the $60 Texas de Brazil gift card, you'll get $10 added onto your card's purchasing power for free.

The same goes for someone who buys a $100 gift card, except T&B will add $25 extra onto your gift card total. Remember that you won't have to spend all that money is one meal, so even if your dining group is 2 people, you can use this spending power over the course of multiple visits to Texas de Brazil. This offer is only in-effect online, so make the purchase electronically. If you mention the bonus at the Texas de Brazil cash register, the cashier may not know what you're talking about (and won't be able to give you that bonus if they do).

Those who enjoy the Texas de Brazil dessert menu should be aware of their frequent free dessert offers. One bargain that recently expired included a free dessert and non-alcoholic beverage with the purchase of a full dinner. That was a popular promotion, so you should expect to see it again in the near future. Remember to save some room for dessert when you're eating at Texas de Brazil (not an easy prospect), because the dessert items are going to be different than most of the American restaurants where you dine. You'll want to try dishes like the Brazilian Flan, Brazilian Cheesecake, Creme Brulee, or Brazilian Papaya Cream.

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