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Sonic coupons are easy enough to get. You can usually get Sonic coupons in your Sunday newspaper, and they're already printed for you. And like most fast food restaurant coupons, you can get printable Sonic coupons on a regular basis by liking Sonic on Facebook and following them on Twitter.

But what kind of customer fits in at Sonic? Who is their target demographic? If you're unfamiliar with Sonic, this article will help answer some of your questions. And if you are familiar with the restaurant drive in chain, you'll be able to save some money on your next visit there using the advice in this article.

The short answer to the question of who likes to eat at Sonic is people who like tasty food eaten in their cars. Most (if not all) Sonics lack a dining room of any kind, although most of them have some outdoor picnic tables for people who like to eat al fresco.

About Sonic

Sonic Coupons for Hot Dogs in 2015Sonic's full name as a restaurant and as a company is Sonic Drive-In. That describes their business pretty well, as they're a drive-in fast food restaurant. If you've ever seen movies set in the 50's or early 60's, where the characters pull into a drive-in restaurant and order burgers and milkshakes from a cute carhop on roller skates, then you've got a pretty good idea of what Sonic Drive-In is all about.

The company is based in and originated in Oklahoma City, but there are now 3500+ Sonic restaurants in 43 states. The first Sonic was launched in 1956, but it wasn't named "Sonic" until 1959. They're not a public company traded under the ticker symbol SONC. At the time of this writing, you can buy stock in Sonic for $7.40 a share, and the company's market cap is $458 million.

They serve hamburgers, chili dogs, onion rings, tater tots, and other traditional drive-in fast food. Their ice cream is especially good--I like their banana splits and sundaes a lot. I used to really like their foot long coney, too, but they changed the hot dog that they use. It's ostensibly a higher quality frank, but I don't like it nearly as well. Their burgers are top notch--not as good as Five Guys or In N Out, but way better than McDonalds or even Burger King.

One of the most exciting and interesting aspects to the Sonic menu is their drinks. They offer traditional sodas, served with crushed ice, but they have a wide variety of syrups that they can flavor these sodas with, like vanilla, chocolate, and cherry. One of Sonic's slogans, in fact, is "Your Ultimate Drink Stop."

Not all of their drink additions are what you'd consider traditional either. People have been drinking vanilla Cokes for decades, but Sonic has stuff like coconut syrup too. Have you ever had a coconut Coke? You can get one at Sonic.

They encourage their customers to mix and match flavors. You could literally drink a different drink every day for the rest of your life at Sonic and never run out of new flavors to try.

Printable Sonic Coupons Online in 2015

The easiest way to get printable Sonic coupons online in 2012 is to sign up for the Sonic "Cruiser's Club." You'll begin to receive printable coupons and offers from Sonic shortly after signing up. These coupons come directly from the company, so you shouldn't have any problem redeeming them. Visit Sonic's official website to join.

You can also find Sonic coupons to print at a wide variety of coupon sites, but be careful when searching Google or Bing for coupons. The Internet advertising market for coupon sites is huge, and some sites are literally just created in order to make money from the advertising dollars that are being thrown around.

My suggestion for most companies, Sonic included, is RetailMeNot. It's a user-driven coupon site. Users submit coupon codes for various companies, and other users report back on whether or not these coupon codes worked when they tried to use them. It's a truly useful resource for people looking for great deals.

When I visited RetailMeNot in late September 2011, all of the coupon codes listed for Sonic were listed as "unreliable." The highest success rate for any of these coupon codes was 38%.

Since Sonic sends coupons directly to customers, and they publish coupons in the Sunday newspaper regularly, that shouldn't discourage you. Sonic isn't expensive in the first place, and Sonic coupons just make a great deal on fast food even better.

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