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Great Clips coupons help you stay trendy without spending a fortune. Great Clips is a hair salon which lets you update your hairstyle, get a trim, or stock up on the haircare products you need to look nice. Great Clips started as a salon on the University of Minnesota campus back in 1982, but since has grown into a nationwide franchise with over 3,000 outlets. If you live in the United States, you probably drive past a Great Clips shop on your way to work everyday.

But the fact is, the price of getting your hair styled has gone up in the past 10 to 15 years. Hair products across-the-board have gotten outrageous, so you need to lower those prices by printing off some coupons or coupon codes the next time you take a trip to your local Great Clips.

Printable Great Clips Coupons 2012 - 2016What many long-standing customers don't know is the hair salon chain offers all sorts of sales promotions and special deals to drive new customers to their door. These coupons and coupon codes get posted to the Internet by sales representatives of Great Clips or published on promotional websites, so they're free for you to find and makes copies for your own use. Great Clips makes these offers, so you're crazy if you're no getting free, printable coupons for Great Clips.

Printable Coupons

The most common printable Great Clips coupon code you'll find is for $2-off your next visit. You'll also happen across the oddball "$3-off" and "$6-off your next visit coupons". In all of these cases, you'll find the print-off coupons don't work at every outlet. In fact, many Great Clips salons don't accept coupons meant for other retailers. Enough don't that Great Clips has a reputation for not accepting Internet coupons. That's a reputation of theirs and I'm afraid to say it applies in many cases--but not all.

Go online and check out the feedback, and you'll see that certain Great Clips locations do accept printable coupons. Those that don't dominate the coverage, because people unhappy with their coupon usage are likely to write reviews than the ones who are content. No doubt, getting turned down when you've taken the trouble to search out a retail chain and print off one of their coupons creates some discontent, but if you place a 20-second call to your local Great Clips and ask whether the coupon you're looking at online is going to work, you'll get a quick answer "yes" or "no".

Let me give you an example of what I'm talking about. I found one coupon that is good through November 11, 2011 for a $7.99 haircut--an excellent bargain. Perhaps it's not as good as the $4.99 offers which proliferated back in 2009 when the economy was going in the tank, but it's still far below what most salon chain haircuts cost these days. But the printable promo code says it's only for participating Austin, Texas salons.

Imagine you don't read the full print for this coupon code and you print it off anyway. Then imagine you live in Portland, Oregon or Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The local Great Clips isn't going to honor the coupon and you walk away dissatisfied. So be sure you know what the deal is and don't forget to browse through local fliers and newspaper coupons to see if the local Great Clips has offers for you.

Promo Codes

The best free Great Clips offer at the moment is the free trip for two to the Great Clips 300, a NASCAR Nationwide series race held every year at Atlanta Motor Speedway. This is an all-expense paid visit, so while you might not get free hair care products, it does replace all the money you would normally spend on vacation, which you can use to buy haircuts and hair products (and a lot of other things).

HLN Network Sweepstakes

HLN is the cable network formerly known as CNN Headline News or CNN2. When you go to the HLN Network sweepstakes page, you can learn about their Great Clips Sweepstakes for 2011. When you sign up, you become eligible for several prizes: a $100 gift card, free haircuts for a year, or a free trip to Los Angeles, Atlanta, or New York City. You can even win a free meeting with some of the HLN anchors and personalities: Robin Meade, Jane Velez-Mitchell, Dr. Drew Pinsky, Joy Behar, A.J. Hammer, or the inimitable Nancy Grace. Most of the time, winning a prize in the sweepstakes qualifies you for free haircuts, though.


To make your shopping for Great Clips coupons easier, consider become a fan of Great Clips on Facebook. You're probably aware of the social networking possibilities of Facebook, where you reunite with old friends and classmates, talking about the good ole days, and swap stories about your families--and see what the ex-girlfriends and ex-boyfriends look like these days. You might not know about the coupon shopping potential of Facebook, though.

Name any business or corporation and it has its own official Facebook page these days. Great Clips is no different. When you become a fan of Great Clips on Facebook, you'll be able to navigate to their site quickly and easily and see what the latest offers are. What's more, Great Clips has printable coupons right there on their Facebook page. Beyond that, if you use the right settings, you'll get a Facebook alert every time a new sale, promotion, or coupon becomes available for Great Clips.

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