Printable Golden Corral Coupons on the Internet in 2016

Golden Corral coupons give you additional discounts off of some of the most inexpensive dine-in food in town. Golden Corral has gone through a transformation in the past 20 years. What was once a standard casual steakhouse with a salad buffet has turned into a full buffet-style restaurant complete with dozens of menu items open for everyone. The food selections are disparate, to say the least, so you can have a meal that includes spaghetti-and-meatballs, Cajun chicken, and clam chowder. Or you can fill up your plate with a combination of pot roast, pizza, and seafood salad. The possibilities seem endless.

Golden Corral Coupons 2016I had a couple of friends a few years ago whose first choice was always to eat at the Golden Corral. One of my friends was on the Atkins diet, so he ate several hamburger patties with ketchup and very little else. I would fill up on Golden Corral's delightful yeast rolls with butter, while enjoying Rotisserie chicken, macaroni & cheese, and cabbage. Meanwhile, my other friend (always a bit adventurous) would have Bourbon Street Chicken, some kind of mushroom dish, and sweet potatoes--and we were all eating at the same restaurant. Golden Corral is great, but even at America's most popular buffet, food prices are starting to rise, so it pays to go to Golden Corral armed with a few discount coupons.

Printable Coupons

The basic printable Golden Corral coupon on the Internet these days is a 10%-off lunch or dinner. These percentage discounts may not seem like much, but in my experience, people who eat at Golden Corral eat there a lot. So if you get 10% off every time you eat at Golden Corral and the person across the table doesn't, at the end of the year you'll have a whole lot more money for Black Friday at Wal-Mart. All you need is a computer and a printer to print off these promotional coupons and coupon codes.

Free Coupons

The ten-percent discount isn't the only (or the best) deal you can find. I found one print-off coupon that allows a "2 for 1" meal deal. That's a 50%-off discount, if you and a friend decide to split the cost among you. Be prepared to pay full price, because the one example of the two-for-one bargain I found online only had a 15% success rate. That means most Golden Corral managers think that's an outrageous offer. If you're lucky enough to find a Golden Corral that supports such discounts, be sure to post online to the site you found that coupon the store which redeems such coupons, so all the other smart coupon shoppers online and in that area can take advantage of the offer. That's what online couponing is all about--sharing information between shoppers and customers.

2016 Discounts

Golden Corral makes it easier to bring the whole family in. I found one coupons which offered a kids meal for $0.99, another which offered a 2-for-1 kids meal, and a third which offered a kids meal for free. All three of these didn't have a high success rate, so these are only in select locations. Call ahead to your local Golden Corral and ask what their policy is regarding children, and ask whether the free printable coupon you printed off is going to be accepted.

Daily Sweepstakes

One offer you'll see everywhere online is the "$1,000 Daily" printable coupon. This is a simple reminder that many Golden Corrals offer a $1000-drawing every day, where one lucky customer wins a thousand bucks--no questions asked. You can tell this is at a lot of Golden Corral restaurants, because it seems to be posted time and again on Internet third-party coupon websites. Don't believe the low success rate posted on these coupons--those are just people sore because they didn't win the $1,000. Never forget to ask about this daily contest in your local area.

Golden Corral does it's best to accommodate its loyal customer base. But when you have a whole family of mouths to feed, even the buffet at Golden Corral can be expensive. So be resourceful with your online coupon shopping, find the best printable promo codes you can find, read the fine print carefully, and show up at the Golden Corral cash register armed with current 2011 Golden Corral coupons to make your dinner dining affordable. Golden Corral has already made the offers in print and electronic form. All you have to do is accept.

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