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Chilis coupons give you discounts on everything from appetizers to desserts and from kids meals to Margaritas. Chili's Bar & Grill is a Tex-Mex family dining restaurant originally started in Dallas, Texas, but which has been exported around the world to at least 38 different countries. You can sit down and dine in a Chilis Restaurant in disparate places like China, Lebanon, Peru, and Guam. Believe it or not, people around the world are familiar with Tex-Mex food, whether they know it or not.

Chilis Coupons 2016Chili's tends to have reasonable prices on most of their menu, but like any establishment which serves alcohol, the drinks can drive the price of a trip to Chili's Bar and Grill a little higher than you would like. So printing off some Chili's coupons gives you a chance to offset some of the expense of indulging perhaps a little too much--whether it's food or drink you're talking about.

Chili's Coupon selection in late 2011 includes the standard "free chips and salsa". You might be used to Mexican restaurants and Tex-Mex eateries where the chips and hot sauce are complementary, but that's not the case at a bar & grill like Chili's--unless you print off the correct coupon code. Get your printable free chips-and-salsa coupon, hand it off when you get seated, and pretend the hot sauce is free.

Another variation of this particular coupon is the "free chips and queso" printable coupon. For those who don't eat Mexican or Tex-Mex food that often, queso is the word for cheese dip. I've known plenty of people (God bless them) who don't like salsa, so if you have a group where hot sauce isn't a hit, bring a free queso coupon and serve them cheese to dip their chips into.

If you're a family man or woman, another coupon you need to know about is the "Kid Eat Free" promo code you can get for Chilis. You know how expensive it gets to dine out with the entire family, especially when so many kids eat a few bites and then wait for dessert. So when you print off the kids-eat-free coupon, you're essentially off the hook for a big portion of your kid's meal. Don't feel too guilty, though. You'll still have to pay for your child's dessert, and woe betide that parent who doesn't spring for desserts at Chili's. Note that the children's deals are often only for a limited time or certain days, so be certain when you're printing off the coupon code that you understand when it's in-effect and when it's expired.

Another free Chili's promotion is the "free appetizer or dessert" coupon. These usually aren't allowable alongside a free meal coupon, so you'll need to decide which of the two is the cheapest or smartest use of you coupon-clipping time and effort

My favorite printable Chilis coupon of the moment is the $35 "Top Shelf Margaritas and Meal" deal. When you present this coupon, you'll get 2 entrees, 1 appetizer, 1 shared dessert, and 2 top shelf Margaritas for only $35. That's a value of nearly $45, so if you and a friend (or date) are heading out to Chili's and you plan on eating entrees and drinking mixed drinks, take this coupon along.

Chili's Discounts

We come full-circle talking about getting Chilis discounts. When you go to a bar and grill like Chili's, it's not unusual to have a little alcohol. But if you're going to drive up your bill by ordering a few drinks, make sure to slip a few coupons into the payment, so you can have a little more fun for a little bit lower price. Whether you get free appetizer like queso or salsa, special youth discounts or birthday discounts, or get serious and take the top shelf Margaritas offer (or something like it), don't pay full price.

All you have to do is find the latest 2011 printable Chili's coupons and make a copy of the coupon code to present to your waiter. Using printed coupons from the Internet is free, it's easy, and it takes less than five minutes when you know where to look. Nobody has an excuse to pay full price at Chili's, so grab some discount coupons and make your next trip to Chili's as inexpensive as possible.

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