Barnes & Noble Coupons in 2016

If you're looking for printable Barnes & Noble coupons, then you're probably a reader. I say this because they're the largest book retailer in the USA, and why else would you want coupons for Barnes and Noble if you didn't want to buy books? But truth be told, they offer a lot more than just books.

Most Barnes & Noble stores include a Starbucks, so you can buy coffee and snacks before, during, and/or after you shop for your reading materials. These Starbucks are just like free-standing Starbucks, for the most part, so if you can find coupons for Starbucks, you can use them at the Starbucks inside the bookstore.

I've been to at least a dozen Barnes & Noble retail stores, and all of them carried, besides books, magazines, newspapers, movies, and music. And their biggest seller in 2012 (and this will probably be true in 2016, too) was their new e-book reader, the Nook.

The rest of this article will discuss the various coupons, discounts, and deals available for Barnes & Noble.

Discounts via theirMembership Program

Barnes & Noble Coupons Are a Great Value AddIt's not really a coupon you can print, but the savings that are available when you join the membership program are hard to ignore, unless you're someone who only goes to the bookstore once a year. My wife and I try to get to the bookstore at least once a week though, so we save hundreds of dollars a year with our membership.

It costs $25 to get a membership, but once you join, you become eligible for discounts both at the store and on their website. Members get free shipping when they order from the website. That can make your membership a break-even proposition almost immediately, assuming you make an order every week or so from their site. (I'm not saying you SHOULD order from them that often. I'm just saying that some people--like me--do, and they benefit greatly from the membership program as a result.)

You also get at least $50 worth of bonus coupons when you sign up for a membership. But the real meat of the membership program is the persistent discounts on their books. For example, members get a 40% discount on hardcover bestsellers. I like to read hardcovers. I like the feel of a hardcover book in my hand. But they get expensive, so if I can save almost half the cover price, I'm going to go for it.

You also get 20% off other hardcovers and 10% off paperbacks. And since paperbacks are already pretty cheap, that represents some real value for your entertainment dollar.

I should point out that I'm a big fan of reading as a worthwhile and frugal use of your entertainment dollars. Think about it. You could spend $9 on a movie ticket and get 90 minutes of entertainment at the local movie-plex. Or you could spend $7 on a paperback novel that will provide you with at least 240 minutes of entertainment.

Save your money. Read a book.

Internet Coupons

You can spend literally hours searching the Internet for legitimate information about coupons and coupon codes to use at Barnes and Noble. The web has been flooded with vague sites which exist almost exclusively to generate advertising dollars for their owners. You can tell which ones they are by their broken English and lack of any hard information.

Your best shot at getting a good deal on something at Barnes & Noble using an Internet coupon code of some kind is to visit RetailMeNot. I love their site because most of the content there is generated grassroots style. Users post coupon codes there, and other users rate their experiences using these coupons.

I visited that page in late July 2016, and the first coupon code on the page was for 20% off any one item. That code had 79% success rate, so I feel pretty confident that I'll be able to save some money using it.

2016 Nook Coupons

Getting a coupon for the Nook, which is Barnes & Noble's branded competitor to the Kindle, is a little bit tougher. A new Nook GlowLight retails for $129.99 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook 7 retails for $119.99. (Those are the prices as of December 2016 anyway.)

I was unable to find any coupons or coupon codes for the Nook in 2016 but Barnes & Noble was offering a $30 discount. I think, for the price, it offers a pretty good value though. Once you have a Nook, you don't really need to travel to and from your local bookstore, which can save you money on gas. And since the e-books are shipped wirelessly, you don't have to pay shipping either. And many e-books are available at a big discount over the print versions.

I'm not sure that I could ever switch to the Nook for all of my reading needs. I enjoy the look, feel, and smell of a real book too much.

At any rate, good luck with your search for Barnes & Noble coupons.

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